Reply To: Sex offender registries increase sexual assault


While man wants to challange man and we all want to be right and figure out our own problems or complex problems, we can’t. Human nature is human nature. As I have read many of comments on this site, a lot of us can’t even figure out what to wear the next morning. Even women can’t even figure how to to apply their makeup right and will spend hours in front of a mirror trying to figure out how to look good to impress their man or spouse.
While I’m not here to impress anybody giving opinions are good for us understand how others want to control others. Is a lot of this sex offense controlling others?
The suidide thing, lets just say.. dont’ say that in front of a probation officer or you will wind up in a stright jacket or they will try and probe your brain and when its all over even they can’t even figure out one is suidical. All that money wasted because some probation officer said he wanted to kill himself. Depression, yes being on the registry is depressing. Homelessness, discrimination, or vigilantism well a lot can be attacked by those issues, but I believe the main thing is man wants to control in some aspect.
As fred mentioned its a good way to cash in on all this scheme by enforcing man made sin laws if you want to call them that. I told my lawyer one time, they are playing the sin squad in a lot of this. Of course they do not know or take in account the damage it causes to those caught up in all this. They dont’ take into account the suffering of loved ones wrapped up in this. I would say helping others is better than helping yourself, and of course common sense says if one is doing an undercover operation and their is who is over covering and who is undercovering or making up something to cover one’s back. So who’s mind is right on that one?