Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


We are so close to cert being denied and hb 1952 possibly being passed, I think it’s more so being able to breath without the burden over your head, we won’t have to deal with this extended probation sentence and whatnot anymore. It’s like when I was on actual probation, I had all the requirements, counseling, drug tests, having a curfew and all that, I couldn’t wait to be off probation, then I was, I moved to pa and wasn’t required to register and all of a sudden in 02 the police showed up on my door step saying you have to register, Chuck you are able to tolerate this very well, I guess you have become numb to it and I stil, haven’t and many others either, I guess it has to do with all the harassment I have been through and still deal with from time to time , I just feel like I’m under a microscope sometimes and the world is looking at me but that’s just me I guess. But mostly now that we’re close I am very eager to be free again my friend.