Reply To: Sex offender registries increase sexual assault

Facts should matter

I’m actually for total and complete scuttling of Megan’s law all together for many reasons I won’t go into. However, If they made the info was made LE only, there would be a public outcry and blow-back touting “it defeats the purpose of having community notification!” Hell.. these child safety advocate snowflakes raise cane when Tier One’s are not listed!! So you can just imagine the *hit storm that would take place if it were made LE only like Canada.

The general public does NOT CARE if our safety, privacy and security is being trivialized.

All you will ever hear is: “I want to know” / “they should tattoo it on their forehead” echo chamber from the emotionally biased, misguided woman segment of voters.

Also, It’s a pervasive myth that the public reserves the right to know where sex offenders live and it’s patently false. Megan’s law is not the “will of the people” because to unsuspecting public was duped under false equivalence and subsequently was sold a LIE. There’s less than zero intrinsic value and tangible benefit in knowing where anyone lives in regards to criminal history.of any civilian and private citizen.