Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Thomas Darby

I am just appalled at the coarseness and emotional immaturity shown by many people in the USA and around the world these days. To re-convict a man in the press after his horrific death is simply unconscionable. But there is one source, one place to lay blame, for this kind of rhetoric: The Internet, which allows public opinion, even vile, hate-filled opinion, to be spread far and wide… all anonymously! The wonderful tool that the Internet is becomes a loaded lethal weapon in the hands of people whose opinions would be unprintable in any newspaper of 20 years ago. They hide behind pseudonyms, Facebook names, Twitter accounts, and other services that offer them a platform. And what’s worse? Regular people are believing them! The same people who would never believe a story written in the National Enquirer or another tabloid, listen to every evil word spouted on Facebook as Gospel. God save us all.