Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Hi Terry,
I knew it would work out for you. Just a paperwork thing!! Like I said, worse case , you have to refile. No biggie. The Court knows that you do not know the rules just like an attorney would. I agree with Karen that you need to slow your roll. You guys are acting like the world will end if you do not get off NOW. It will happen. Good things come to those who wait. Like I have said before, maybe I am biased becuase I do not interact with employers, but I do not see where the fire is.
I believe that we will have Cert denied and PSP ordered to remove names by the time frost isn’t an issue any more. Which is right before Memorial Day. Once they get started, it won’t take them long. Just look at how lon it took them to adjust to all the other court rulings. On average it was 5-6 months. That’s not bad considering all they have to do. As offenders, we think what could be so hard about deleting a name. They have to find all the ones that deserve relief. Then notify them by mail. That takes time, my brothers.
I just can’t waitbtill Tuesday and the holiday schedule is over with.