Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


By the time fall starts we should know exactly whats truly going on and hopefully be getting off the registry by September. July would be a year and perhaps orders would be sent to psp to shuffle threw people to be deemed to be getting off the registry A month later in August most likely they should be done with getting threw that part on a timely matter. Then in September they probably will start to send out papers to S.O. that they no longer have to register and or be placed back to the origanal 10 years. I do believe that the 1952 bill will be in place in full effect of being in the new part of the registry in effect. But, I do believe that before it takes into a full effect that they will try to plug and patch holes so it cannot be challenged. I again think that it will be challenged at a later time. That’s ok cause once the bill is set into law then we just go back to origanal 10 years. Most of us will be close to the 10 year mark but needs to be an extra year just cause to still have to register. Then you will be getting off the registry. The good news is that they cannot keep us all on the registery forever. Right now we are still in our mid looking towards the end of all this supreme court stuff. I had said earlier that muniz is asking to continue to file and continue to be doing this wothout have to pay for court cost. I was told to just sit and enjoy nfl a few comnents ago. I had read other people commented on the subject about it but, they were not told to just go watch nfl. First of all i do not watch sports. Second of all please dont ask me to just enjoy the nfl holidays. I keep reading that if we all keep talking our voices will be heard. But when someone say to me just go watch nfl I took it as just be quite and stay away and dont want to hear it. Well if you didnt mean it that way then my bad for bringing this up. But, the fact is i do read everything on here every day and night. I do wish to speak at times and at other times I may not speak for a while. It depends on my thoughts and whats going on and to my understanding of things. As for another comment above someone asked if they can do things illegaly and get away with it and pass it. The answer is no. The other answer is sometimes they dont catch every little details. So if it sounds good to them to try to keep everyone on the registery and it looks good on paper and not mention a way to go around it thinking it is good enough and to pass it thinking that noone will pick up the every crack and holes that are well hidden in the legal system so they will try to make it look as if they covered it all. I had learned that any wrongful actions against the ones who deserve to be off the registery will always have a way to fight and go challenge it further until it gets resolved. My last thought is this. The next step for muniz is to get approved or denied to continue to file without court cost. Happy new years everyone!