Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



I was thinking that 1952 is a win-win for the General Assembly. If it is upheld, they win. If it is struck down, they win becuase they can say to the voters, “Hey what can we do? We passed a new law but the Courts struck it down!!”
Our biggest advantage is mobilizing the sex offender community. We need to communicate with each other about changes in the registry and about how we are being treated. After all, There are a lot of people who belong to the sex offender community who are not offenders themselves. Whether they are family to an offender, or friends with one. They see the injustice we go through each and every day.
I think the hysteria around sex offenders is dying out. Yes, it is still there. However, thanks to our family and friends, people are starting to see that the registry is just wrong.