Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


Not to sound sarcastic but, who exactly are we going to speak up to that’s going to listen to a bunch of SO’s honesty, I mean we can call the governor, the president of the United States, head of psp, you can call marsico or maybe call freed and tell him to call off the dogs, excuse my rant, as we can see the government don’t care, Hess been in his seat sense 1988, SCOTUS and PASC will uphold the constitution, do they care about us, I don’t think so, unless you got a lot of cash nobody’s going to listen. I should say NARSOL will listen and they do care so I shouldn’t say nobody but 90% don’t. I contacted the ACLU in Philadelphia in 2012 when they made us all register under SORNA and you know what they told me, I even donated to them, they told me to call lawyer, I said at the time if I could afford one I would, unfortunately they couldn’t help, I was a little pi$$ed because they were helping all sorts of other causes but just left us in the shadows.