Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


Has anyone from Pennsylvania read this man’s profile? (Rep. Ron Marsico, R-Dauphin, called it “imperative” to amend the law.) This is a man that betrays his party, and has been in the people’s house of Penn. since 1988. No wonder he feels as though he can do whatever he wants! Government service was NEVER intended to become a career. He is for bigger— biggest government/regulation. He has based his submission of laws; and strengthening laws ( which he prides himself on, in his public profile, especially sex offender laws), on nothing more than being from a small town with population of about 800, and graduating from Ohio State University, both of which are of a “very low level” of insightfulness, perception and discernment. Pennsylvania people……you’re going to lose that which was recently gained if you do not speak up! SPEAK UP!
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