Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Maestro has made a good point here: “…HOWEVER…. if the manufacturers of an automobile made a crap automobile and it broke down while you were driving it and risked causing you some injury, are you going to sue the car dealership that sold it to you or the company who physically MADE it?…”

Due to the outright denial by statute, we cannot sue Lawmakers. Politicians get away with it because they cannot be sued. BUT…we can sue the troublemakers who started all this. The Kanka’s, Lunfords and Walsh’s can and should be. Not a one of us did anything to their children, but ALL of us are suffering because the politician’s took the parents tragedies and profited from them by making names for themselves. Not only that, but no one knows WHO killed Adam Walsh. His father (John Walsh) assumed it was a sex offender and the politician’s created the AWA (Adam Walsh Act), which we now know as SORNA.

I don’t like taking our fight to the parents who lost a child to murder, but WE (Registered Citizens and our families) did none of these things to any of them. If we can’t sue the politician’s…..let’s get the politicians attention by suing the people who started this oppression. All it will take is for a lawyer to think outside the box!