Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Brian

Just going to take time to process the paperwork. What most people don’t realize is the Pa Supreme Court has not finalized their ruling yet. They are waiting to see if SCOTUS overused them. Once Pa is denied cert, the Pa Supreme Court has to push some paper work aroundZ then the state has to receive it, read and interpret it, and then issue guidance to PSP on how to implement the new ruling. It just takes a bit of time.
I am not even worried about a final result until the Super Bowl is over, and then we will still have to wait for s conference, but maybe not.
Look st the Snyder vs Michigan case. They filed in Novemember 2016, and wasn’t denied until October of 2017. It all depends on what is needed to make a decision.
I just hope there is a mechisim that those that will be forced to stay on (those with unexpired 15 year or longer terms) to contest their non removal. I am glad I was only bumped up to 15 years becuase of Adam Walsm this I return to my original 10 years. I would like to be off ASAP, but if I had to finish 42 months I have left, I could deal wit it.
Once they get all the paperwork pushed around, time will fly by. Like a rock, once it gets going, it picks up speed. Trust me, PSP wants this mess over as quickly as we do. They just don’t want to have to release people to get it done. That is where we disagree.