Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Carmen, thank you for saying but in the spirit of tradition and respect to those that do, merry christmas or happy holidays. That was kind of you to say. I do agree with you that the holidays have lost meaning and are too commercialized.

I believe in a God, a creator, and I hope that there is a better place then here in this life on this earth with all the evil that surrounds all of us. But I will admit, some days it is hard to believe when I see and learn about all the evil on this planet and when I encounter it first hand due to my “label”. Having earned a “label” had made me more empathetic towards others and has made me be less selfish. Without my “label”, that may not have happened. So I believe God works in ways we would not expect. You have the right to not believe, and I will think no less of you for your belief. What matters in my opinion, is that you try to live a good life and treat others with how you would want to be treated.