Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


I really think that the “ignorant opportunist” and I mean the person who wrote the story, is a very predictable type. He is the one you may have the great misfortune to met while at a party, you know, the one that drinks too much and spews opinions every chance he gets, the slob that double dips his crackers and eyes the crowd for his next victim, possibly another dumb bell he can relate to on his baseless theories about people and the whole world which he has little to no factual understanding or real world knowledge about. These are the people we deal with, but believe this, they are for many being seen for who they are and what they write. Its garbage they peddle, and the folks that matter can see this and will pay no attention to it or dismiss it as pointless, off the point dribble. This so called journalist is a true bottom of the barrel writer who could never write a truely legitimate piece.