Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Hey, wake up people and cheer up people. It appears that newspapers and Govenment want to make examples out of all those involved in this sex offender scare. Notice I didn’t say mania. Sure one person goes to prison and they say we’re gonna make an example out of you boy. Another gets caught up in porno, we gonna make an example out of you. Or what about those people that people that are imprisoned in there own mind such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or others of that nature and status, the pill poppers that need to releive their pressures.
Sure we could talk about Tommy Chong but this is about sex offenders and their issues. Are we all not suppose to self-govern our own selves. Yes I’m glad Sandy brought this to our attention, and even thou it was in the newspapers it needs to be adressed, just like the hunger to feed the children or we are the world or should we all just hide away that got wrapped up in this ordeal or walk around in public with a T-shirt on that says I’m a sex offender Their are two things people can do in all this. They can make a choice or dicision so don’t let all this bring you down. Get on with your life and if one has to go to court to have all this re-opened it should be a group effort.