Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


It’s good that everyone is talking to each other about this law. However ,you must now flood the Pa.senate and governor with e-mails,fax’s,telephone calls and letters.
Explain to them they took an oath to uphold your individual constitutional rights and they would be engaging in ultra vires conduct if they vote yes on Pa.House Bill 1952 of 2017.
You don’t want to whine as if they are your master. Instead,let them know you are theirs and 1952 is a violation of Pa. Constitution and flys in the face of Muniz precedent .
1-the legislative finding the s.o.have high recidivism rate is an outright lie. The actual rate found in ton’s of professional studies and actual factual Government statistics prove the rate for committing a 2nd sex crime is less then 3%.
2-Supply them that data if you have it.New York has compiled a lot of them . Dig,work and show them.
3-All pre-2012 m.l. in Pa.expired under sorna-42 Pa sec. 9799.41 and 1 PaCSA sec. 1971(A) and sec. 1928(B).
There does not exist any former 2012 m.l. in Pa.that house bill 1952 wants to retro actively impose.
4-That Muniz tells the senator and governor that no one can be put on the internet pg. 38-40 and that they told them that first in 2003 in com.v.williams,832A.2d at pg.980.yet H.B.1952 ignores this legal fact..
5-That by threat of punishment forcing you to provide and verify registration info at your own time and expense without compensation is involuntary servitude which can only be imposed when duly convicted of a crime USCA 13th and that means it is punishment.
6-The only punishment in effect date of crime can be imposed. See Muniz expost facto clause .
7-That the senators and governors oath mandates they protect you from being forced into contract,s against your will and how H.B.1952 demands you verify the info you serve the psp. is correct and ,that you agree to m.l. terms and re-enter the contract no less then once a year. It’s an unconscionable contract of adhesion.
8- That it’s obvious the house members did not read the Muniz precedent,nor H.B. 1952 and as your senator they have a sworn duty to stop H.B. 1952 in its track’s as it not only is the most unconstitutional law ever created, it id fiscally irresponsible and satanic.
9-Everyone must flood the Pa.senate and governor with the info.They return Jan.2,2018. There is no time to waste ! Remember the senator;s and governors secretary aid’s will first get the info and likely will not pass it on to the senator,nor governor just like how the judiciary committee did not allow any general public input when making H.B. 1952. So you must repeat your flooding demanding senators and governors personal response to you .