Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


maestro, parents are sex offenders any time they do anything with their child anymore! Giving them a bath= you are one. Toilet training=you are one. Walk in their room as they undressing (someone has to pick up the laundry right?)=they make a call if their friends or school systems has brainwashed them that they should. Need I go on? Is endless and it does not have to be inappropriate, immoral or common sense. Just looked at wrong for any reason (I dont like you or you do not think like me or you do not have the same color, religion, money, as me so you are wrong XYZ…etc…anonymouse allegation…boom!) who would want to be a parent or adopt now a days??? (someone that kinows what is going on I mean) I tell my adult children to be celebate (for sicknesses out there) or fixed (for pregnacy)/ Good luck with either one! People will be people and do as they do! No matter how “smart”. I also do as wonder, since there has been so many by larger ammounts of “minorities” (citizens or not = legal or otherwise) that have been abuse (all manners verbal, emotional, physical, spiritual etc), raped murdered, in this country (and others) in many cases as often and unsurprising by people (men and woman) in power, with money, titles etc. since the founding of USA many of them never even known or followed upon in any way (still happens everyday) instead of your typical creepy strange person behind your dumpster ready to hurt as society have been conditioned to think, I wonder if all this would have ever been if it would have been a minority kid with no green or blue eyes or prominent in pageons or the community with “prominent or so called important” parents!? I wonder… (sarcasm)