Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Carmen sure we all have our ups and downs and yes so many people were upset about a sex offender being announced rather than any other being addresses. Well my dad once told me the dead can’t hurt you. Who’s fault for all this being in the newspaper. Can we say conspiracy or can we say public safety or should we all say hurt or that’s a throw back to me or who are they to downgrade me
Actually Fred made the best point. Why or why not? See people today want to know the who, what, when, why, and how of things today. Do we all still judge a book by its cover? Sure we can all come up with plausible answers but it seems we are all looking at the negative effects of the who issue. An offender is an offender. We could look at this “Me too or this You too movement just about the same way” I could never understand the movement about saving the whales but man seems to come up with some reasoning.
Little ole me, I’m involved by this mess too just like most all of you all are, whether its testing, potty mouth, physical confrontation it really doesn’t matter does it. Did we all get involve in all this for a specific reason or should we all just hide away as we are no better than . Should we use some tribal warfare or just let them drop an atom bomb on us which they used during WW2. Believe it or not I can see good things coming from NARSOL and those others that advocate for us and remember its also up to you all also. Start with a letter writing to our President this coming year. If we are in it for one we might as well be in it for all.