Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?



I know people with sex offenses are afraid. But the fact remains that the registry was thought up for a specific type of offender. Megan Kanka was 7 yrs old. But with the way the laws are in regards to what actually IS a sexual offense, we’re ready to arrest the 7 yr olds just as fast as claim we are trying to “protect” them.
Children are still human beings, and as they age and develop while still young, they get curious.
When many of us were children we’d ask “Why does mine stick out and hers doesn’t” when our parents dressed siblings in the same room or gave us baths together. Today, it’s very easy for that inquiry to land that child on the registry.

There is no TALKING in the society anymore. No “sex ed” from parents or teachers. So we go on instinct and instinct can get us in trouble. Lawmakers don’t care about what religions say nor do they care about the NATURAL flow of things. We are a form of animal. And a curious one, much like cats. But because we can think, speak and reason, we’re expected to agree with the powers that be when they claim that taking a photo of your 8 month old having a bath in the kitchen sink is the production of child porn.
Most people who grew up in my generation with FILM cameras which needed to be DEVELOPED at a local store had tons of baby baths in the sink because it was “cute”. Now it’s a sex offense.

All the people who have experienced the left hand of the law due to such harmless things or those who have teenagers who sexted or people who got caught screwing in the backseat of their cars a-la “Happy Days” should be the ones suing the Kankas.
“Make an example” as everyone in the justice system loves to say. Let’s make an example and circus out of suing them and let them in turn sue the state for bastardizing their initial idea. Not that I feel any registry should exist but if people with such petty issues got together and made a stink about how absurd the laws are regarding sex, we might actually see some changes as we embarrass the crap out of the lawmakers. That was my point. I hope you understand and be well.