Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


maestro we would never assemble. we are too affraid (we have been made to be). They would never permit such gathering eiher. They would kill us before we can move to affect change and many people (society) would applaud for it. We would ot be able to sue the Kankas for they are a particular race and therefore, immune from legal ramifications like the Walsh guy. I am bald from cancer, so my hair does not hurt anymore. My brain does instead due to painful constant migraines. Will probably die soon enough due to my illnesses caused by this government acts on me and family. Deb “misery loves company” right?
Henry hate or opposite (ying yang) is the way of humanity and the cosmos
Kathy even in death we n our families are doomed for life.
Hay T no biblical pasage or constitutions or laws will atone for the wrong doings of powerful influences. money, power corruption rules and so does societies like the Illuminati. they heed no warning if it does not suit them. nor do many care.
irene rubio sorry to break it to you, but there is no GOD! (a man-being-force in the sky watching everything everywhere on Earth and space, all powerful, permitting all these? …Think about it.
Great article nevertheless and even better comments section. i do not believe in money-marketting-deceptive “holidays” but in the spirit of tradition and respect to those that do, merry christmas or happy holidays. Not looking foward to 2018 election year debacle.