Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Irene Rubio

People are not the Judge.There is only one Judge and it’s God….This is so sad how people are judging and labeling,due to politicians using sex offenders to get their Senate Seats. We the people can make Changes and we need to Vote….. Here in Texas we have sex offenders placed in Civil Commitment, which is monitor thru Senator Whitmire,he wants to keep sex offenders locked up and throw away the key. After they have completed their time ,sex offenders get placed in a secret prison which is in Littlefield,and never released.They created this secret prison,being run by TCCO and us as Tax payers are paying for it. It’s suppose to be a Treatment facility,yet their is no amount of time to complete the treatment. How does Senator Whitmire get away with this Secret Prison??? It’s Unconstitutional! Yet being run by Ex Warden and prison officers,yet it’s not a Prison…Who are they Fooling…God is watching Evil ,even on this Special Day as the birth of Christ,
Merry Chritmas to Everyone,Lets make Changes for 2018.
Please look up Civil Commitment and TCCO in google,also Littlfield facility.That facility needs to be closed!