Reply To: Electronic etchings: The damaging permanence of lists in the digital era

Sue Wearethepeople

The Laws need to change, and we need to change them. We the people need to come together and make our voices heard. What I am dealing with right now Christmas Day is just so unfair. I know that this would not be what Megan would have wanted. I think she liked Christmas, same with Adam. My family is having a get together. My husband and I are not going. I made a pie and will be taking gifts for my other 5 grandchildren to my sons home. I am not on this list, but I am going by the same rules. I will continue to tell people this is not right! Just like what I read, and someone is making a profit from another’s demise. How is this right? What can we do to scream out that this is wrong? Megan got her voice heard, but the Government went to far. I am sorry that the U.S.A. has come down to this, and we say it is ok!