Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


So let me get this right….

Whenever there’s a tragedy like this, the news reporters actually go through all the names of the people involved to see if there’s any “dirt” they can report on?

The family of this man and any other families of any other death victims should be able to sue for defamation of character.
The news reporters as well as the jackasses who comment on these articles are no better than the Westboro Baptist nut jobs who protest at funerals for our dead soldiers because they got wind of the soldier being a gay man or woman.
And the very same people who would comment on a story about that, telling Westboro to mind their own business, are the ones applauding the death of someone with a “sex offense” who never actually engaged in sex with any “victim”.

I still say a bunch of us should get together, put our money together and class action sue the Kanka family for what THEY started. Let a story like THAT hit the news. Then the Kanka’s, while being sued, can bring a lawsuit against the state of NJ for bastardizing the original idea behind the law they wanted, which still hasn’t proven to save anyone anyway and has made EVERYTHING a sex offense that once was not a sex offense.
Where is the logic is referring to something as a sexual offense when there’s no actual sex involved?
This nonsense is enough to make your hair hurt…even if you’re bald.

(BTW, I am not bald, just sayin’)