Reply To: Once a sex offender always a sex offender — even beyond death?


Yes we all should be a bit upset over this train ordeal and those focusing onthis sex offende. While this train ordeal was tragic this tells people about themselves. Sure its unfortunate that this happened during the holiday season it just goes to show one how callous others appear to be. I would have to agree with all of you that this goes a bit to far.
Shameful act, indeed it is. Would that be their thory of a safety factor. We can ponder if a drunk driver that was killed in that trail derailment would have faired any better in this or the welthy business man would fair. I don’t believe I would want to have that one weighted on my conscious, if anything I would have just say a person that was in prison, that to me would be the safest option than makng the dead man some pawn.