Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”

John Bacon

Lawsuits don’t work I did such against a newsman who cost me my business in Atlanta the courts ruled in his favor. The courts will say it’s PUBLIC INFO so no laws are being broken which is BS!!! I do work in a small city and sadly use a pseudo name with clients hoping I’m not recognized. I have a business license but have to do what i can. I AM guilty of my offense sadly BUT I WAS 18 FRESH FROM PERSIAN GULF COMBAT with PTSD and on drugs. I AM responsible but did my time and paid my debt. I have not harmed anyone in over 30 years but people treat me like it was yesterday. I’m VERY sorry for what I did I even wrote books on it ( under J. O’Hughes) and am a certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider.. but DOES SOCIETY CARE? NOPE!!!!! NO amount of change will stop the witch hunt BELIEVE ME. Just keep going forward and try to stay clean and do the best you can until hopefully ONE DAY the laws will change. Good luck