Reply To: Electronic etchings: The damaging permanence of lists in the digital era


Maestro don’t you know a lot of this digital scarlet letter crap is about Satanism and believe it or not he still roams the earth to devour who he can. Do police actually dedicate there profession to God? Do they not break the Ten commandments by Coveting thy neighbor, lies, and other devious plots?

At one time didn’t they do all these digital set-ups with citizens and than go and than go around rounding them up by this digital sexual excitement, showing fake pictures and stuff of some gal that may or may not look like a teen. As far as a digital poster or something like that, to the eyes of others we are all guilty of something even law enforcement.

Now we are all for justice but some people want to sue, protest, or have another Kent state riot on one’s hands. Sure we all live in the digital age but we don’t have to bow down to it do we, as far as a photograph that’s just like a def. leopard song or a Beatles song they can be both different.