Reply To: When will “Me too” become “Everybody too”?


I have to commend you Sandy for speaking up and yes you are right. While I can’t really say anything good or bad about another we can all comment but in other ways we need to commit to this cause that some are ensnared in.
Now I’m not for or against womens commitments or comments. Remember love covers all sins. I can’t even take the liberty to know why some of you women are in this, but if its to fight for justice than thats a blessing. And your right Sandy I don’t have the right to tell others what to wear because we are all naked in one way or another, we are all blind, just as Jesus made the blind to see?
Sure Shelly has her point as many of us on here to even my friend Maestro. Some of the comments on here can seem “To Me” to go in one ear and out the other and some need to be left alone. Harassment have been going on for a very long time so no one is without harrassment in certain ways and we can all be guilty of that but sex offense can be conjured up by others so are we all guilty? Sure we all get mad, jealous, or upset but don’t let the sun go down upon your wrath.
How many were harassed by these sexting ordeals to get one to come down to their level? How many actually had the intent to question the lady or girl to find out their real age before going to meet? Sandy in ways you are right and in ways Shelly is right but didn’t the bible say let God be true.
You see all we want is peace on earth. why did Jesus say blessed are the peacemakers? We can all have a Christian radicalism or use Christian principalism but remember two wrongs do not make a right. Now I realize a woman can take just so much we can even look at all this in the divorce rate but we are here to talk and understand this sex registry feascial.I can’t look at the bible as a fairy tale or should i look at jezzabel as a harlot. So is all this uproar about loving thy neighbor as you would respect them to love you or is it man wanting to dominate man?