Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law



To Chris…..
You are exactly correct the same old bs…. when the people need and deserve justice!….abuse by governing authorities runs far and wide until the people suffer and endure in humane hardships and provide some amazing thing to convence and prove idiot officials that the majority of ex offenders are not bad but bad behavior or bad judgement and that the very corrupt laws they have supported, implemented and imposed on citizens have and are or will destroy lives, which have looooong been proven to be unconstitutional and out right WRONG! Why is it hard for self righteous overzealous abusive authorities always allowed to do their harm upon the masses? Yet deep down ……everyone knows……treating a person who has already paid a heavy price losing years of life in prison and the stress, physical toll and mental depression as well as all the madness that comes from the registry, well anyone looking at the idea of a public registry surely would recognize quickly that it infringes on rights that should not be allowed and that organizations should be established immediately to protect and defend against tyranny!