Reply To: When will “Me too” become “Everybody too”?



1. You keep referencing biblical scriptures that not everyone believes in and absolutely NO ONE puts much worth in. If we lived according this man-made fear mongering fairy tale:
A) Women would forever be 2nd class. This includes our mothers, sisters and daughters.
B) Rape would be legal only that when a man rapes a woman – he’s doomed to have to pay a bride price to her father and marry her.
C) Virgin female children would be fair game.
D) We would stone to death anyone who disobeys laws including CHILDREN who disobey parents.

Are you 100% sure you want to keep following in a make believe religious faith that condones such things?
Remember, before you say “that was then…blah blah blah” – “god’s word is everlasting and never changing” and “god is not the author of confusion”, well, that I can agree with. Because MAN wrote the stories and MAN made errors with continuity throughout the Bible. So man is the author of confusion.

Now then… the way in which you spoke about Shelley and her article tells me that you *do* in fact look down upon women as 2nd class. “Women are the weaker….” have you ever known a woman that could karate chop you into the next decade? I have.
The only women who are weak are the ones who CHOOSE to be. The same liberal leftist who protest about women being equal to men are the first ones to cower in a corner in fear of their lives.
Most all of those types of women would not survive another fictitious idea – a zombie apocalypse.
Which is why I attract more towards women with a backbone like if the characters of “Maggie” and “Michonne” of The Walking Dead TV show were real, well…I’d pick Michonne.

The reason I am ‘coming down’ on you in regards to you always bringing up biblical references is because you’d never win a court argument with that.
You can’t stand in front of a judge and say “Well, God told Moses that it was ok to take young female virgins for their own pleasure”
This is also the words of the same “god” and bible that speaks poorly about sexual immorality being sinful.
Go figure.

If there IS a god, it’s damn sure not the one that was made up for the very purpose the sex offender registries were made up for which is – FEAR MONGERING.

Have a merry Christmas 😁