Reply To: Electronic etchings: The damaging permanence of lists in the digital era


obvious answers

Many employers use those dime store mug shot magazines as well. You may be shocked to know how many people are terminated or refused employment simply because their picture is found in one of those crappy magazines. This is more of the “non-punitive” and “like a drivers license” issues of the imbeciles in the supreme court..
It completely baffles me how the supreme court only needs to know one language and one would think be reasonably proficient in American law and at least American Law English.. Yet it completely fails on all accounts.How have these drooling imbeciles managed to hold sway over a country as large as America for so long???. How is it country’s and governments that do not even have English as a national language can comprehend what the word punitive means and its affect but we have a band of geriatric, doddering, clowns that cant even comprehend English telling us the law?? I love the law and I love the American Constitution but it really failed with the supreme court..of course I dont think our founding fathers expected the need to plan for so much corruption and incompetence.. During their day what we call governance would have been dancing with ropes..