Reply To: When will “Me too” become “Everybody too”?


While I respect Shelly’s views on a lot of issues my feelings is that she cannot commit on men since she is made of man or should we start with a power play. Now I’m not saying who’s good or bad but every since the garden of Eden women have wanted to dominate men. Yes we all need to learn lessons and we all should get those from the bible.
I have always wondered why Shelly would take on a role such a sex advocate. Just like Anne commented ” all she has to do is say it.
This article seems more like a debate than those sex registry issues. Bottom line is women are the weaker of the sex but seem to cling to the Helen Reddy song “I am woman when really we are all equal. Remember women were made to be a help mate for the man.. Yes man should know better bur it seems today one touch and he or she has the right to sue. Now were does the greed come in or are we all still in culture club groupie mode.