Reply To: Electronic etchings: The damaging permanence of lists in the digital era

Tim Lawyer

Some uses of electronic databases are unconstitutional. Mug shots are derived from accusation not conviction of citizens. Photos are forced upon the arrested citizen by the administrative branch.

The photographs were more expensive to produce in the recent past thereby limiting government interest.
Electronic photography has made it very inexpensive to create data(photo) and maintain a database.
Now firms like use government created files to make profit. does so without paying the people to do so. Clearly their emphasis is not on public safety. Firms who exploit the data garnered from “publicly” owned databases are criminal free riders.

We can thank our leadership for their existence.

P.S. if IML doesn’t merit a DC Gathering en masse it is over for liberty in America.

“If no liberty at stake; who would complain?.” J.P. Stevens