Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Mark and all,
My job dealt with the public so it was bound to happen. I just wasn’t prepared for former co workers to attack. It’s all good. Now I am in the midst of switching careers once I complete my education. I have known sex offenders who have had the same job for years and they didn’t start the job untill after they became sex offenders. The biggest factor is does the job you are applying for deals directly with the public. My thing is I enjoy being in mgmt positions so it puts a crink in the plan when you want to supervise others. I like being the guy that enjoys putting material and labor together to form a perfect union!!! Weird, I know but that is my hang up.
After working with the public my entire working life, I am ready to work in an office. I don’t mind people it’s just when you have to deal with customer service on a daily basis, it changes the job. I am done saying “I am sorry we added pickle when you didn’t want pickle. I know that ruined your day. Let me fix that for you.”
I don’t mind fixing mistakes, but when you act like I killed your dog becuase I accidentally gave you a pickle it gets old. I mean I get it, I HATE lettuce and tomatoes on my sandwiches, but I won’t SCREAM at you or throw orange juice at you becuase it is 3am and you don’t start breakfast untill 4am.Or I am not angry at you becuase 24 hours actually only means 23 hours. I am sorry for one hour you couldn’t “cook” by driving around a building. . Take a deep breath a hamburger won’t hurt you. 20,000 burgers maybe, but not one. Let me give you guys a trick. Want your sandwich made correct? Tell them you are allergic. The majority of the time the kitchen mgr will make your food then.
I love it when they get mad st me and throw food on the ground. I have 50 employees beneath me, you really think I am the one picking up trash? I promise you if I am picking up trash I know about 29 people who are out of work come tomorrow. Tell you what else. It’s not me washing the dishes. Sorry I did that for 5 years. Worked my way up. It’s your turn buddy.