Reply To: Sex offenders need not apply

Philip Sheppard

While incarcerated in SC as a non-violent sex offender, I was ineligible for two programs that might have helped in a couple of ways. One was a program called SPICE that offered classes that would help inmates navigate the world after prison. Another was a program in which inmates with little time left and at a certain security level (I met both qualifications) would be able to finish their sentences near their families in county jails. It was disheartening. In any case, I survived my long prison sentence, but it would have been nice for my family not to have to drive so far to see me. As for the SPICE program, it turned out that I didn’t need it because my family has supported me post-incarceration. Still, I knew of MANY fellow inmates who really NEEDED hat program but were barred due to their sex offense.