Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres



I don’t believe, in my opinion, Christmas and Easter is a public holiday like Halloween is (or Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, or other holiday of the ilk that is government or Hallmark generated), but a religious holiday that you should have the ability to celebrate under the freedom to practice your religion, including the giving of gifts.

I see the law you quote and reference, but to constrain someone from practicing their religion is something I would think someone in LA Voices could make a case against the inclusion of those two religious holidays in the list of public holidays (religious, government and Hallmark), especially where gift giving, stockings, a bearded man in a red suit, Peeps, colored eggs, and a bunny etc are cultural norms and pertinent to the overall celebration to the particular religious day and which the public has made them into what they are today.

Even in LA, where religion can reign supreme (Bible Belt), it would seem to me that would not hold up in an upper level court, especially federal, when presented as such. That is my two cents, I could be wrong, but I recommend lumps a coal for each LA legislative members who voted this in.