Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



You are exactly right, sexoffender registry’s prevent sex crimes, I can see it now in headlines, BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Sexoffender registry has been abolished because they don’t prevent sex abuse. What would the new scheme be Chuck lol gps tracking with a couple go pros attached to your head so they know every move we make and where we make it. Sorry had a bad day my coworker started spouting off in the bathroom to the boss, we can be sued if someone is hurt by him I said what are you guys talking about when I walked in and they got quite, I was like that’s not going to happen because I don’t attack people I help them, I mow my 80 year olds grass twice a month in the summer, he likes to to the week walking though he says I shouldn’t have to do it all, my wife and I plant flowers for him, he and the neighbors I don’t trust are about the only ones I help, I changed his locks for him because his step daughter stole a lot of things from him. She stayed there for a month while he had an operation, one of my awesome neighbors told her I was an SO, had I had my thinking cap on at the time, she said she worked at the police department in the child’s unit or section I don’t really remember the whole thing it was 5 years ago , I should have reported her for impersonating a police officer, yea some real winners out there. So the bathroom conversation just put me in a funk even though I made a joke of it.