Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres



Ah these morden day witch hunts, I am sure everybody could do without them. All this witch hunt is nothing new as it goes back to biblical times when Jesus was betrayed. Did not they Plot against Paul. Conspircy theory or an extortion to get rich scheme while under the guise of public safety. I’m glad I didn’t have or send any porn as they suggested and my computer was clean as they said.
Now I talk about the bible at times on here but all of us share one thing in common on here I even share that with that police officer, and you all do also, that arrested me. We are all sinners. Sure understanding all this witch hunt is good. Computers are good if one uses them in the right way and who hasn’t had a little spice in their life or a little sexual potty chat. Are these witch hunts a invasion of overcoming another in this battle of those that want to conqure another.
Most all of you on here seem to be scared and rattled by all this. Well we all should be and speak out as that stop the crime video is wanting to let people of the underhanded control of Goverment is. Why do you think Rome fell? Now to do any of these internet sex schemes one has to lie. Would one say the one presenting the opportunity is just as guilty when confronted with his uncovering notion of the truth? Oh yes when being uncovered authorities will do anything to cover their butts so to speak even giving plea bargains.
So those on here shouldn’t worry to much as it seems everybody on here is into this fear factor stuff. I will say yes they will be a reprive of a lot of this sex offender ordeal and constutitional rights. As far as these sexual harrassments things go and this money greed thing goes there is always going to be greed and women are wanting to dominate in certain instances, to get money, recognition, speak out or what. Ever since the garden of eden thats how its been.