Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Update on Mandamus 463 MD 2017
My brief date was the 19th of December.
The docket sheet shows that an Exit order was given to me and The PSP to file briefs . The PSP cheic Counsel is assigned to oppose my brief.

I had to amend my brief so many times due to Muniz stay – SCOTUS Cert of Freed – HB 1952 – Commonwealth v. Reed push of reputation shaming of PSP website (Big Win) – and I expect a request from PSP to the Court for an extension of time to let HB 1952 become law so they can bring it up at the summary Judgment hearing when scheduled.

I was also asked to file a clarification brief on why the Commonwealth Court should not honor Muniz stay. .

Muniz stay is on Federal question of U.S. Constitution – the State question has been satisfied – by the ruling on Muniz July 19, 2017 and a 90 day stay time was given until 17 Oct 2017 for the Pa. assembly to do a legislature fix. . . . They did not until after the 90 days when Freed demanded that the Judicial Committee act to combat Muniz.

Freeded files a Cert. to SCOTUS to buy time to get every thing in place for HB 1952. . . They were late but in their eyes it is time to push HB 1952 to become law before Muniz returns by remand and upheld by the SCOTUS.

If Muniz is up held and HB 1952 becomes law. It will be two laws the PSP have to shovel through. . . . .

Muniz gets all off the registry – HB 1952 gets less off and kept most on. Muniz is the Savior Law because it been to the Test at the PASC and SCOTUS and will return at the law of this Commonwealth over and above HB 1952 until it meets challenge at the court bars. . . . . .

I am in wait for the PSP brief…… They will oppose my brief – but that is what they are paid to do. I made my argument on state grounds alone to keep the Muniz federal question out the way the stay of Muniz. . . Reed Lawyer Mr. Sutton advised me on that. . . . . He is From Chester Pa. He looked over my Briefs and said I miss my calling -he thinks I should have been a lawyer. . . . . . But I am not. . . . . .I am a wanta be evangelist that desires to preacher faith filled word to encourage people to be the best they can be at their level of life….. MINUS THE RELIGION STUFF. . . . . I hate organize religion with its denominationalisms of what your belief is wrong and our way is right as the only way. . . HOG WASH –