Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Pa does not want the massive legal headache they would have if they tried to apply 1952 to Pre-Sorna So, being Pre-Sorna, 1952 WILL NOT apply to us. Think about it. SCOTUS comes out and denied cert and Pa tries to do the very thing SCOTUS says they can’t?? Apply a law backwards? There would be hell to pay. Anyone they arrested would make a direct challenge. It would be chaos.
Relax guys. We will be ok. My neighbor was telling me today that everyone who is a sex offender should be put in jail for life. I said how would you pay for that. He said, “ I don’t know but they better not raise my taxes” LOL….
We are starting to see the light st the end of the tunnel. All I want to do is get off this registry so I don’t ha d to worry if every new person I meet is googling me. I have had people try to tell me my charges were more in quality than I knew. I was like “ummm I was there at the plea hearing, were you???? Oh no there is no way someone can walk away with only one charge…. They say “ I use to be a cop so I know”. Apparently, you don’t. The funniest part is when they tried to tell my wife I was in prison for 10 years when I was in jail 5 1/2 months. Oh no he is lying to you, there is no way he did less than 10 years.
My point being: don’t listen to the haters…