Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Snoopy

This is what you do. You ask to speak to the trooper in charge. You explain the situation and let them know if they can’t fix it you will be speaking to the Megans Law Section. PSP in Harrisburg DOES NOT put up with this They will be told to cut it out real quick.
However, to answer your question. You can go to whatever PSP barracks you want to. When they ask you why don’t you go to the one closest to you, all you have to say is you don’t feel comfortable going there. PSP does not want offenders skipping out due to local troopers harassing offenders. They will put a stop to it real quick.
I had one issue. Someone thought they could hang up on me becuase “it’s just a sex offender”. Within 30 minutes, I had the trooper in charge of the Megans Law section calling me telling me that the issue was addressed and WILL NOT be happening again. PSP wants you to register. If anyone is harassing you on the PSP payroll, they will address it.