Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Ok it’s well after 6 am on December 19th… unless I’m missing something nothing was filed… does anyone know what this means going forward?

So, on a separate question, for HB1952, does anyone know if PRESORNA people can still mail in non-in-person updates? Are they taking that away for us to do a phone call instead? Or do we have to do everything in person?

Also, since I started registering I have been going to the same PSP barracks, and every time I go they ask if I have been there before and then go pull out my file. I always get hassled at that one, last time to the point where the guy was trying to trip me up and get me to admit that I did something wrong when I haven’t done anything wrong. My wife (the smarter one) asked, can’t you just go to a different PSP barracks…. Can I? I mean they are all over the place… will they just download my info and start a new file on me at the new place?