Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres


Guys on here and all you ladies that have son’s or daughters going thru all this mental abuse of the mind. Most of all this is like a mind game. Always liked that song. Could we also say its power to the people. Now I would not care who’s a lawyer on here or perseceutor or prosecutor on here but the main thing is fact. Yes this all is a modern day witch hunt if one wants to call it that, but it cuts deeper.
Sure thereis ethicial standards and moral standards involved in all this game of cards. Now answer me this question? Does anybody liked to be duped What do you believe that video was all about. My dad happened to be a banker in the thirties. And yes he told me a bit about a lot of this as I was growing up.Believe it or not the state own’s everything is you really want to know the cold hard facts, and yes we no long have a constution or bill of rights like they were mean’t to be. We do longer have certain uninalenable rights. Those are long gone.
Its the power of those who want to be big man on campus and play this power play on others such as duping in a lot of these sex registry encounters. We should all learn from movies like.. silence of the lamb code of honor or even the shawshank redemption… either get on living or get on dying. This collecting data stuff and all this science theory is a bunch of crap anyway to get taxpayers money. Even some of this sex therspy stuff or sex classes are a bunch of gunk. Seems man wants to dominate others in all this sexual lifetime control. So are we still in war. So this is Christmas and what have you done, or is the war over. Its time to stand up to all this witch hunt.