Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Chuck is right, If it weren’t calendar years I would have been done and not dealing with all this bullsht, I would have been done a month before SORNA started, then I had 15 years added, being a tier1 I guess most of us got 25 and some got life I think I’m really not 100% on that one, soon I will be done God willing. I suppose we’re all getting a letter in the mail giving us 90 days to come re register all the sht we did when we first registered, even though they already know all this stuff, why are they making us do it again? It’s like starting from scratch but not really, unless it’s a tactic that maybe someone will forget they had registered that tattoo or scar and forgot they even had that scar and get them on a comp charge,and it’s going to take 18 months to sort us all out? Really, who’s who, where’s Waldo, question is are we able speed the process up and jump the gun per say? File a mandamus or some sort of motion?