Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres



I suppose you can justify the plea bargain as a former prosecutor. You know the deal when a mug walks into a court facing two felonies And three Mr. Meaners, cuts a deal and ends up pleading guilty for two Mr. Meaners. Works great for prosecutors and defense attorneys but the public suffers because no one learns their lesson. Many of the problems with our nation are caused by guys like you distorting words in their plain meaning and by making exceptions that only the highly educated can figure out.
Then you complain about commenters here on NARSOL blasting the notion that too many people are getting locked up. Hell even absolutely innocent people are getting convicted, some by plea, for stuff they know they did not do.
What is happening to sex offenders IS damn well part of a larger picture whereby the police state is ever expanding and squeezing the liberty right out of the country. So the people decided to build an ELECTRONIC DATABASE for public safety, ehhh banishment. Yea that IS what you get from a police state just don’t go claiming that the United States is not a police state because the proof is in the pudding.