Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres



You’re a conservative and you’re a former prosecutor?
But isn’t it the liberal minded mental cases who determined that all men are rapists and pushed for all these laws that YOU sent people to prison for?
Wow! Interesting.
If you were to trace back your family tree, how many years of age gap was there between your great grandparents? Today, someone would prosecute your grandfather.
Elvis was 24 and Priscilla was 14 (way under legal age in any of the United States), but he was not arrested and convicted for it. Had he been, he’d be considered a threat to public safety and we would not be honoring him every year on the cover of Time magazine.
But I’m a scumbag who deserves prison and probation? Screw that! And screw you!
He married his “victim” 2 yrs later when she was of age but started dating her when she was under age.
What would YOU do if a 24 yr old man was dating your 14 yr old daughter? Sex doesn’t even have to be involved to consider him a sexual offender for being with a 14 yr old.
Elvis married Priscilla and never again chased after other young girls. Perhaps I might have married MY so called ‘victim’ had the law not been asked to step in and we’d have been together for 13 yrs now.
And I’m still young in my older years. She’s now 27.
Hmmm…. but nah, I’m just a danger to the public with my deadly penis. LMFAO! Ok 👍🏻