Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres



One thing about your post that makes it obvious that you have fallen ‘victim’ to the typical brainwashing of our judicial/prison system is the use of the term “felon”.
A felony is any crime committed that (based on man made laws) carries MORE than 1 year in prison.
How does that make a person ‘dangerous’ as a ‘felon’ just because some upper class suits decided to make up an idea that anyone who gets a year or more in prison is a ‘scary, dangerous felon’?
Try to screw with your income tax and get caught. Tell me how that’s a misdemeanor and how you’re not going to be looked at as a “danger to society” when the word FELON is attached to your history. Tell me and the rest of us aaaaaaalllllll about it.

Also, the prison system in our country DOES like to incarcerate people because it’s a BUSINESS and in such business is MONEY to be made.

You seem to think prison is the answer to everything like most Americans do. Ok, let’s see how that works….

You drive drunk. You get pulled over and arrested. You go to court. It’s your first time ever being in trouble with the law. You are NOT an alcoholic, you were just an idiot in that moment when you THOUGHT you were ok to drive home.
D.A. and judge determine that ‘probation’ is good enough for you THIS time. (Lmao!) So then you get an asshole of a probation officer and because you may have eaten at TGI Friday’s or Olive Garden with some friends or relatives on a birthday and that was their restaurant of choice, you then get VIOLATED for being in a restaurant that has a BAR. Even tho you are NOT ADDICTED to the alcohol that you once made a dumb decision with, but in the eyes of the retarded, narrative following probation officer, YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN TEMPTED TO DRINK.
So…he violates you. The Judge is not happy about you being back in the court room and the D.A. is going to rip you a new one in front of the judge JUST. TO. MAKE. IT. STINK.
Now you’re gonna do jail time because you got a violation of probation.
This is typically what happens and we call it “recidivism” and/or “reoffending” and this is shoveled down the public’s throats in a way that makes them think you’re just a constant criminal who keeps breaking the law (probation conditions are NOT laws, btw).

So, you don’t like the idea that NARSOL feels the prison system here is too harsh and we just love sending people to jail/prison for the hell of it.
You fall into that category of people who buy into the scripted crime drama TV shows and the over exaggerated News casters who say “sexual assault” when it turns out the ‘victim’ is of age but the older person happened to be their damn gym coach.

Smh. And it’s peope like you who help to keep such fear mongering going on and on and on and on…..