Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian

I think you got it now. . . . You are going to be alright from here. . . . The PSP will take you off only draw back is the foot dragging the PSP will put you through. They will send you a letter with instruction – Until then keep up on your registration. Don’t stop updating until they give you the in writing words that you are off the registry. Don’t need to get close to victory and they make you slip up. . . . . . .

When you get the letter – take it to the troopers and show it to them and tell them to tell you what it mean. . . . I am off right? My Ten Years are done right? It is all over Right? Asl them to tell you that it is all over before you accept that it is over and done. . . Be smarter than they are . . . . . . . Jail is no fun for non compliance. . . . . . . .