Reply To: Sex offender registries endanger the lives they’re meant to protect


Karen J Knoll

Revisions to the unconstitutional laws of the sex registry seem to be in a stale mate in Michigan. Literally thousands of people that are NOT criminals are on this list. I want to know what the holdup is in making resolution to the laws. many people on this registry are caught up in an ex post facto situation. Public shame, ridicule, and monetary costs that have been ruled as unconstitutional by the Federal Courts are being ignored by the state of Michigan and other states. What is the hold holdup? How can we get our government to speed up this wrongful situation? I have written to my congressmen several times, and have been ignored/ or given a “pat” response like it’s in the works. Time to make things right for so many people. Everyone seems to want to make money on this issue, including attorneys!!!