Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Thank you Terry
I don’t understand a lot of it either Cary, like the part they can seize you property for whatever reason, and people who try to help you will be charged with a felony, why people aren’t allowed to help is beyond me, it a confusing mess that’s for sure, their may very well be a hidden message in there somewhere but I think Terry pretty much has it figured out, there’s just so much writing and code, one line says if you do this then this info on this line in section 2 3 and 4 apple, 1952 saves and Muniz saves, you are right I think in the aspect of this is never going to stop until we’re all dead, they will keep trying to fix and fraud their way through everything, they remove the unconstitutional parts and say words like collateral consequences which should be illegal to in my opinion, enough ranting for me.