Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


My only guess is this. Im not certain but i read somewhere in the 1952 was that the people who wants to flock over to pa for hopes to seek out relief would be sent back to their state which they come from and or would continue that state way of doing the registery. In my opinion to the 1952 will be having some real issues due to the way it is written and the way it is put together of the fact of harsher punishment which seems to be a bit much over board of it all together. You can only punish someone so far and that is it. Any other added punishment will be dealt with in accordance to be challenged again and this will again be dancing around until another fix or re re write the law again. It will keep going until all is satisfied in its entirety of equlity. This will not happen because in my other thought is that you cant satisfy everything. But again as long as someone challenges the registery there will always be a fight. Its like playing mixed of two worlds playing checkers and chess with a mix of game of risk all bundled up and then back up plans. So in this case of my thinking is that the battle will always continue until everyone and everything gets so exhausted nothing left but time. Once the far future goes when there is flying cars marty mcfly and Dr. Brown where the future is so unreconized then who knows what. All i know is just keep the true monsters, sex traffickers like in the movie Taken, the guy who killed Megan K and Adam W, on the registery. Then great. Thank you guys for the reply and further info. This helps me to understand and not pull my hair out racking my brains drinking coffee smoking those cigarettes all night without sleep. Then wake up the next morning looking like the guy who kisses their boss in the behind unshavend face bloodshot eyes and dragging my feet all day and come home having my wife yelling at me and all i want to do is just drink more and slop some dang chicken grease all over turn on some lame tv show get fat and fell useless to the world and myself. But actually im quite fit and healthy with athletic built. But my head tell me im a looser when i rack my head all night trying to understand the 1952 in its entirety of everything. Im sure there is a hidden message in 1952 bill which probably say sorry but all so registery is we are gonna make it sound ok but in reality your screwed still. Then these freed heads go in circles laughing his heads off like some demons that spawn from hell to just torment us all.