Reply To: Update on Zach Anderson: Judge shows no mercy at all


My case was identical other than the mom wanting the judge to sentence me to life even though the girl had been found and admitted to lying and doesn’t help that I wasn’t white with supportive parents.

I just turned 19 she said she was 18 but turned out to be 14. Lawyer didn’t even try to get me HYTA status even though I qualified. He was besties with the judge and the prosecutor. Probably didn’t like that I tried to fire him twice because he wasn’t doing his job.

My only saving evidence I had to have my friend print off for me and bring to the judge since my lawyer refused to.
Said I couldn’t go to trial because the jury would be the all white baptist community and for sure I would end up in prison for at least 45 years.

This was my first crime ever. Lawyer told me to take a plea and the registry wouldn’t effect anything. I believed him.